The most important thing you can do to help your child develop phonics skills is to read with them.  As you read with your child, help them to decode, or sound out, words they don’t know.  If you are reading with your child, you may want to model sounding out by showing your child how you decode difficult words.

Online Activities:


Between the Lions

Cookie Monsters Letter of the Day

Phonics Cards – Using index cards, encourage your child to help you write the following letters or letter groups, one per card: at, an, ap, et, en, ell, it, in, ick, ot, op, ock, un, ut, ub, b, c, d, f, h, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, w.

Show your child one letter-pair card, such as the “at” card. Then have him or her use the single-letter cards to make words with “at.” Invite your child to choose a card, place it in front of the “at”, then try to sound out the word.  Help your child, as needed, by blending or singing the sounds together. If it is a real word, encourage your child to write the word on a sheet of paper. You can use the word lists you and your child create for reading practice. You child might even enjoy illustrating the lists!


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