Parent Meeting Tommorow Night at WES

Monday night at 6:30 we will host a parent meeting in cafeteria at Wapakoneta Elementary for families with students in grades K-5.  The topic of the parent meeting will be the new Common Core State Standards in Math.  We will discuss the standards and the new math series Go Math.  We will also be happy to help answer questions parents have regarding either topic.  If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s meeting another meeting will be held on Wednesday at 6:30 at Cridersville Elementary.

A brief description of the common core state standards can also be found at the link at the top of this page or by visiting here.

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Einstein Award Winners

Each week our third and fourth graders are presented with a set of challenge math questions. There are usually 4 items in each set that start off fairly easy and with each question the difficulty increases. The final question is usually quite difficult. Those students that can complete the questions and explain the answer to the final question receive an Einstein Award and may write their name on the Einstein board. In the attached photo a fourth grade student adds her name to the board.


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Rainbow’s End

Who knew that our playground was at the end of the rainbow! Tomorrow we’ll look for the pot of gold as we celebrate Red Ribbon week with an assembly.


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Skating into a long weekend

Dalton enjoys skating in Phys Ed to finish out his week. Have wonderful, relaxing weekend.


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VALUE-able time in Second Grade

Students in Mrs Talowsky’s class play a game and try to test each others skills with comparing numbers using place value and symbols. This game was played during center time after the whole class lesson.


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Today in First Grade Math

Today, I asked one of the first graders what they were learning in math.  He looked up and me and responded, “We are learning about switcharounds.  You can switch around the addend and the sum stays the same.”  That’s the best first grade definition of the Commutative Property of Addition I think I’ve ever heard.

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Our email followers are growing!  Please pass on the website to your family and friends.

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