Alphabet Knowledge Family Activities

  • Flour Writing

Practice writing letters in different kinds of materials. Fill a shallow pan with flour or just spread it on a table. Then practice writing letters with your child in the flour. You could take turns writing letters and letting each other guess what they are. Lots of other materials could be used for this activity, too. Try sand, shaving cream, sugar, dirt, or liquid soap.

  • Alphabet Search

Go on an alphabet search around your house. You could send your child on a mission to find a certain letter and report back. Look for letters in books, in magazines, on food containers, on bath products, on toys, etc. Take a turn and let your child send you in search of a letter. Look for and compare how letters look different in various fonts.

  • Play Dough Letters

Create letters in play dough using letter cookie cutters or just your own hands and creativity. You could have a written copy of the alphabet handy so that your child can reference it to copy letters. Use commercially bought dough or the recipe below.

Play dough: In a saucepan, combine 2 cups flour, 2 cups water, 1 cup salt, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, and food coloring (optional). Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until stiff. Cool. Kneed dough and have fun!

  • I Spy

While on a road trip or out shopping, play an I Spy alphabet game with your child. Look around for the letters of the alphabet in order (first look for “a,” then “b,” etc.). If you want to look for the letters out of order, you could jot down the entire alphabet and help your child cross off each letter as you find it.

  • Capital/lowercase puzzle

You can create a game in  which your child can begin pairing capital and lowercase letters by using 26  index cards (one for each letter). Write the capital letter on the left side  and its lowercase buddy on the right side. Then cut a zigzag between the two  letters to make two puzzle pieces. Repeat the process for the remaining 25  letters, trying to cut different zigzags so that only the correct letter  buddies fit together.

  • Tactile Alphabet

Cut 52 heavy cards  (cardstock, cardboard, index cards), one for each uppercase and lowercase  letter. Spread a thin layer of glue in the shape of each letter and sprinkle on  sand. When the cards dry, you and your child can trace the letters with your  fingers and feel the shape of the letters  instead of just seeing them. Try other textures like cotton or fabric. You  could also cut sandpaper into letter shapes and glue them on.


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