Kindergarten Reading Readiness

The 3 Keys to Kindergarten Success:

1)       Concepts of Print:  This is “fancy teacher talk” for being familiar with books and reading.  These concepts include knowing how to hold a book the right way, differentiating between print and pictures, turning pages left to right, and being able to tell the front of the book from the back.  More concepts will become important as your child grows.  Click here for suggested activities. 

2)      Phonological Awareness:  When children develop phonological awareness, they are able to think about how words sound, apart from what the words mean. For example, they appreciate that the word “kitchen” has two spoken parts (syllables), that the word “bed” rhymes with “bread,” and that the words “cat” and “king” begin with the same sound (Burns, Griffin, & Snow, 1999).  Click here for family activities.

3)      Alphabet Knowledge:  Alphabet knowledge is naming the letters of the alphabet and recognizing the letter symbols in print (Johnston, 2004). Recognizing the alphabet is one of the most accurate predictors of early reading success.  In order to quickly progress to being good readers students should know all uppercase and lowercase letters.  Click here for family activities


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