Social and Emotional Readiness for School

For those of you that enjoyed Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood as children, there is a series on PBS that features some of the characters (in animated form) that you will remember from your childhood.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is based on the same beliefs that Fred Rogers’ held dear, spent a lifetime studying and based his own television show on.  Fred Rogers’ knew that without social and emotional development, children would not be ready for school.  Mr. Rogers’ intended to meet the social and emotional needs of preschoolers by talking directly to them about daily worries and events in their lives and using stories and songs as models for his “lessons.”  Daniel may not where a cardigan, but he uses Mr. Rogers’ techniques perfectly.  Grab your favorite preschoolers and check this out!  I challenge you not to smile when you see Prince Wednesday – who is not to be confused with Prince Tuesday, his older brother who has grown up since we last saw him and now works part time at a resteraunt as a waiter.

To view some of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood online visit:

Yes, there is an app too…

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